The Life of an Artist

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I’m an artist.

Hurrah! Endless days of making things up and drawing lots!

It must be a life of non stop fun?

The reality is an artist straps in for a life of creative frustration and relentless disappointment in creating work that, no matter how good they get, is never quite good enough. 

There is, though, the joy of spending a lifetime perfecting your craft, those moments of doing something that surprises yourself and takes your work to another level and the pleasure in getting lost in your work for hours on end.

I think I’m a pretty good artist but the artist I want to be will always be tantalisingly out of reach. But that’s okay. I’ll keep moving forward learning and growing, hopefully until I’m at least 122 and found slumped over my drawing board with my last fetid breath drying the ink on what was I thought, quite a good illustration (though the perspective on that background could do with a bit of work).

Note: The artwork here is unrelated to that last line. I am neither 122 years old or dead (fingers crossed).