Whamblam! Today, a Lunchbox, tomorrow the world…

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I’ve previously talked about developing a license ready comic book IP in lockdown, called Whamblam! But what is it? Scroll on dear reader and find out more!
Welcome to the world of WhamBlam!
Do you remember when comics were fun?
Well those days are back with WhamBlam!
Whamblam is a world influenced by the super-hero comic books of the 1970s that I grew up reading. This along with movies was my pre teen window into the distant but alluring USA.
I was a huge comic book junkie and I would get lost in a bizarre and bright world of magic, crazy technology, mythology and of course, superheroes, as month in month out they belted lumps out of each other and destroyed great swathes of New York. These stories were pump straight into the brain entertainment. And while sometimes thoughtful themes would be woven into the narrative, at their core they were just bat shit crazy fun with some glorious art to boot.
I was lucky enough to go on to have a successful career as a comic book artist working for both Marvel and DC with sales of millions of comic books featuring my artwork.
WhamBlam is the unholy result of smashing together my decades in the trenches as an artist and creator and that rabid 11 year old comic book junkie.
This is my love letter to those comic books of the 70’s. A world already populated by a multitude of colorful heroes and over the top villains with often referenced supposed deep back stories and past adventures. It’s these characters, their conflicts and their often hilarious interactions that are the heart of WhamBlam!
It’s a primary colored comedy soap opera mixed in with titanic battles and cosmic dramas, topped off with outlandish space race pseudo science.
The art calls back to that 70s style mixed with a contemporary polish.
This is a bright and positive world but married to visceral, bloody and extreme looney tunes violence with bright red viscose dollops of blood and guts.
A celebration of fantastic superheroes and outrageous villains bent on world domination!
Today, a Lunchbox, tomorrow the world…
Okay, Whamblam isn’t a billion dollar franchise but it delivers the same high quality you’d expect from the big two.
Our mission is to light up a fanbase who are looking for something new and grow from niche to mass market and we’re here to build fun, meaningful and profitable relationships with everyone we work with.
Stay tuned and… Join Us On The Adventure!