What is the metaverse?

A comic book artist answers the big question! I’ve had more than a few conversations recently about the metaverse. Lots of people are talking about their entry into the meta-verse, particularly as a way to engage their audience or consumers. I’m not sure though if what they’re talking about is the metaverse at least not

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Dressing with style!

Want to wear Ant Williams art? Who wouldn’t? Freshhoods recently launched the WhamBlam collection.I’m really excited to see my artwork in collaboration with such high quality clothing.Go on treat yourself, you know you deserve it! Just click through on the link in my store.

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The Life of an Artist

I’m an artist. Hurrah! Endless days of making things up and drawing lots! It must be a life of non stop fun? The reality is an artist straps in for a life of creative frustration and relentless disappointment in creating work that, no matter how good they get, is never quite good enough.  There is,

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